Honest game with Random.Org

Our roulette works on an independent resource (Randomorg). The administration and no one else can interfere with the process.

    General principle of the system

  1. The algorithm of our roulette works with the help of a third-party service, not belonging to us - RandomOrg. Thanks to this no one can intervene or influence on the winner selection process. RandomOrg is an independent random number generation service that has been working since 1998 (Read more on Wiki).
  2. Determination of the winner

  3. After 90 seconds or 100 items in a pot for Standard and with the number of players = 3 for Fast Game, the system adds up all the tickets of all players and transfers this value to RandomOrg. RandomOrg selects only one ticket from the total number of tickets and sends it back, you will see it at the end of the round. A player whose tickets coincide with the received number from RandomOrg is considered the winner, and it is to him that Bot will send the winnings, minus the site commission (you can read about the commission fee at Rules).
  4. Checking the result

  5. The outcome of each game is fixed both by our site and by the site RandomOrg. You can easily check any game for honesty, just click the "Check" button (the buttons are displayed at the end of the game, you can also find them in the game history), after which you will Redirected to the site RandomOrg, which will show the number of the winning ticket, the time of its creation (in UTC) and the total number of tickets.