Website rules. How our roulette works?

Welcome to PUBG-ROLL.COM

We are glad to see you on our site. We present one of the advanced PUBG Jackpot-roulette!

How the skins draw works? How to play properly?

All the participants contribute PUBG items and skins from their Steam inventory to the common bank, using a trade. The system selects the winner randomly when the required number of items is accumulated (100 items is maximum in a game) or game time is over. The winner selected by takes all the items except site commission. The more tickets player has the higher chance to win the bank. Very often a player, who has taken most of the tickets, becomes a winner. How does it work?

It's pretty simple:

  1. You deposit your skins to the Bot using Steam trades.
  2. The system charges you tickets (points). Each skin has its own price in the trading platform. For example: if your item costs $ 1, you get 100 tickets, $10 – you get 1000 tickets, etc.
  3. When the threshold is reached in 100 items or after the timer expires, we collect all the tickets together and randomly select one winner with the help of RandomOrg. A player with a big amount of tickets has higher chances to win. This is logical. The winner receives all the drawing items, except site commission.

The more expensive your bet is, the more chances you have to win the jackpot! Do not forget that this is randomly. Any player can win!

Website rules. A few dos and dont’s.

  1. By registering on the site, you agree with all rules mentioned below. Roulette administration can make some changes. So check out this page often.
  2. All items that you give to the Bot are voluntary donations.
  3. Website does not use real currency. We don't have money transactions and will not have that.
  4. You can deposit from 1 to 10 items in a game. You can do it by one trade, or 10 times one by one.
  5. If you bet at the end of the round or during the roulette rolling, be ready that your items will go over to the next game.
  6. Website commission is from 1 to 10 percent and it depends on the size of the win, for any percentage of victory. You can reduce the commission in 3% by adding to your nickname - "PUBG-ROLL.COM".
  7. The prize is transmitted automatically, within a minute after the end of the game. In rare cases, the dispensing time may take up to several minutes.
  8. If you did not accept the exchange before the next game and the exchange was canceled, then write to our technical support and we will help you to solve this issue.
  9. Every time you send items, you agree with the rules of the site. You must be ready for positive or negative results.
  10. If your inventory is closed or you specified an incorrect trade link, you will not receive your exchange. It's logical. It`s better for you to contact our technical support, and then we will be able to return only your bet.
  11. Playing time is maximum 90 seconds, or after reaching 100 items.
  12. We accept only PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) skins. If you use skins from other games or Steam services, that trade will be rejected automatically.
  13. We can guarantee a correct evaluation of the value of the skin if it exists on the Steam Trading Platform, otherwise your item may be incorrectly estimated.
  14. We are not responsible for the fakes and other bugs that are not related to the website. Sometimes people dictate their own prices and we cannot do anything with that. We did excellent formulas and protection against items fake prices.
  15. We reserve the right to expel the prize by random items, which is equivalent to the sum of the winnings, if the items were not delivered on time and it is our fault. If you want to receive exactly your item, so you can report about that. We will need additional time to search for that item, but you will get that skin anyway.
  16. We cannot influence on the result of the game or cheating. It is impossible because our choosing system is directly connected with RandomOrg.
  17. Beware of scammers and fraudsters. "Top-10", "Twitch", "YouTube" players means nothing and they do not belong to the website's staff. Do not communicate with suspicious people and do not trade with them.


  1. We do not save any user data except your Steam trade link and your inventory link.
  2. Your avatar and your nickname are available to all users of the service in real time.